Information Security is our Comprehensive Focus
Every project is studied and developed by a team of professionals. Our highly trained and certified staff will be there to assist you in the management and execution of your projects.
Custom Project Analysis
Adaptability Across Various Sectors
Certified Expert Team
Continuous Support
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24/7 Threat Detection and Response Service
EDR/XDR solutions
Mobile Device Protection
Email Protection
Disk encryption
Network Protection
(Firewall, Wireless, Switches)
Multilayer SaaS Application Discovery / SaaS Management
Cloud Asset Compliance Assessment
Complete cyber asset inventory, uncover security issues and automate corrective actions
Real-time advice in response to risky user security behaviors
Identify and respond to email threats
Phishing training and simulation platform
Elevation of privileges
Password Vault
Account life cycle
Electronic seal - Signature of legal entity
Issuance of digital certificates
Signature and Authentication in web applications
Signing on mobile devices
Electronic signature validation
One-time signature
HSM (Hardware Security Module)
Industry-specific identity solutions
Multiple factor authentication (MFA)
Identity management
Access management
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Static Analysis (SAST)
Dynamic Analysis (DAST)
Penetration testing
Vulnerability Scanning
Integrated security within DevOps (DevSecOps)
Biometrics-based access control
Time Attendance
Facial recognition devices
Document digitization services
Business Process Management (BPM) Systems
Content Management Systems
Blockchain Service
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Security Operations Center (SOC)
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